VLOG 2 & scheduling posts

I’m currently out in the garden, sunbathing, which is a very rare occurrence in Glasgow so I am making the most of it. I just thought I would type up a quick blog post (from my phone) and give you all an update on what has been going on since my last post.

I have uploaded my second vlog which you can watch here if you so wish. It mainly features the arrival of my new Bengal kitten: Milo – he is so damn cute. Also I make a few appearances here and there too. I received such a positive response following my first ever vlog and so I am going to continue doing them as much as I can and attempting to gain/grow my confidence. Thank you all so much for being so supportive and encouraging in everything I do – you angels.

Something I have been thinking about a lot is scheduling posts, tweets etc. So many people seem to use apps to schedule their posts nowadays and have been recommending it to me often. I think I may start trying to do this and see how it goes. Any tips or advice would be much appreciated as I’m a total ‘newbie’ to all this kind of thing.
My blog has always been an online journal to me; my space on the Internet to speak freely and get things off my chest. Now it is so much more: I write reviews, personal posts and I have so much plans for the future so I guess schedulding posts wouldn’t be such a bad idea. What do you think?
I’m off to enjoy the sunshine – I’m scrunching my eyes up trying to type this post – as the sun beams down on to the screen. I am going to love you and leave you.
Feel free to leave comments, share etc as I would love to hear other people’s experiences, opinions and thoughts on schedulding their blog related things.
Until next time
Charlene McElhinney




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