Box Swap with Siobhan

The excitement for typing this blog post is real.
I am going to be writing about all of the lovely items I received in my box from Siobhan (@sparkledust13): A fellow blogger in whom I have befriended via Twitter. We got talking and decided we would do a ‘box swap’ with one another; this entailed that we agreed on a ‘budget’ and began buying one another surprise gifts to fill up the box. Both of us had no clue what to expect to receive in our boxes – which made it all the more exciting!

Firstly I received this adorable card with my box (which I thought was a lovely gesture). It stood out right away as it had my name written in bold colours on the front and cute stickers attached to it. The message written inside was lovely too. The rainbows had my heart though; I’m a sucker for a rainbow. It was such a sweet card and I believe it is from (if you want to check it out).

As I began taking my items out of my surprise box – I was genuinely like a kid at Christmas. I love the whole unexpectedness. The first two things I want to share with you are my Zoella products (which I have actually never had before but I’ve heard lots of positive things about). When I seen the pretty packaging I was fascinated – especially by the ‘soap pop’, soap on a stick, I’ve never seen anything like this! I can’t wait to use these products and let you know what I think of them.

Next, I fished out a scented spray because I noticed it was from Avon and I have not had anything from Avon in such a long time – I used to be a massive fan of their products. I was so pleased when I noticed it was a scented spritz spray in passion fruit and peony fragrance. This is exactly the scent I would go for if I was buying something for myself – you know me so well, Siobhan! There was also 2 face masks included in my box which is fabulous – I love a good face mask! One is an argan oil mud mask and the other is a very berry one: I’m very eager to try these out. I also received an intimate purifying cleanser which I can’t wait to try out. I love all of my lotions & potions so I’m very glad I have some new things to experiment with.

Furthermore, the wonderful Siobhan threw in some beauty products for me too! I received an NYX butter gloss and a stunning lipstick. I am buzzing to try out the NYX butter gloss as this is actually my very first NYX product: I regularly hear beauty bloggers bang on about how amazing NYX is – so I guess Siobhan has introduced me to a whole new world! The lipstick is so pretty that I am scared to use it. I just want to gaze at it in wonderment and put it on show in my room somewhere for people to see… I shall try it out some day if I have something exciting coming up!

As if this wasn’t enough, I was presented with 3 yankee candles and 6 rather big tealight candles in vibrant holders: I was blown away. I am such a big candle lover – but I never fork out for yankee candles – so it was lovely to receive them as a gift. The tealight candles are ideal for when I’m having a nice relaxing bath: I look forward to placing them gracefully around my bath tub whilst I soak, with a mud mask on, with my Zoella products – goodness, the life of a Queen!

In addition to this, Siobhan even provided me with some goodies! Lollipops, Parma Violets (my favourite) and some loveheart sweeties. So that is my Sunday night munchies sorted.

Lastly (yes, there is more) she gave me a beautiful pink and white polka dot scarf. It’s very pretty and I guess I can also use this as a background for taking photos with – and I can wear it too – yay.

I just want to wrap up this post by thanking Siobhan for all of the beautiful items she sent out to me and for all the thought and effort that went into her box. I was thoroughly pleased with every single item I received. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Siobhan will be posting on her blog throughout the week about all of the items she received from me and when she does I will be sure to leave the link here. For now though, you should definitely check out her blog and see some of the other incredible things she posts! For example, yesterday she posted a video doing a room tour and it was glorious! You can also follow her on Twitter at @sparkledust13.

I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed writing it, something different, right?

Until next time
Charlene McElhinney



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