As it approaches the launch of John and I’s (Charlene) #motbloggers, I am filled with excitement, enthusiasm and eagerness.
I think Charlene straight away took the words out of my (John) mouth. We’ve been talking about this for some time now, and have mentioned in a few tweets about the launch with a specific page on John’s Road to Volunteering.
Why did I choose Charlene to co-host #motbloggers with me? Why not?! Charlene to me is one of the best chat hosts out there and she’s only been doing it for a short period of time. It’s an absolute pleasure to launch #motbloggers on July 9th with her by my side.
Charlene 2 Anyway…
This chat is giving people a chance, every single week, to motivate themselves for the week ahead, for life, for things they struggle with and various other aspects. All dealing with the subject of ‘motivation’, it is also an opportunity to motivate other people. We can bounce off one another, help and advise one another and share our thoughts, feelings and experiences.
Personally, my (Charlene) aim for this chat is to have a positive and fruitful discussion, with hopefully lots of lovely individuals, and for people to leave after the chat feeling motivated, refreshed and optimistic.

IMAG0659From my (John) perspective, I’m going to bring a darker look into motivation, utilising our past to motivate our future and to bring a feeling of ‘Wow! Look at how far I’ve come since ?? and what I’m going to accomplish in the future.
We’ve decided to host this chat every Saturday night at 8pm – 9pm (BST – UK Time) and we’ll take it in turns with hosting (you’re getting the best of both worlds).
Along with Charlene’s flattery (another reason why I’m looking forward to working with her), we both already host our own chats and have our own communities.

Charlene 3 Every week, twice a week, I (Charlene) host #beechat, a friendly and active community in which I am immensely proud of and John hosts a chat every week based on volunteering, but covers other things too, sing the hashtag #JohnRdtoVolChat.
Both chats are completely different from one another so we will each be bringing something different and exciting to #motbloggers.

IMAG0705 To leave you with a taster of what #motbloggers is all about, think about the name. ‘mot’ is a shortened version of motivation, but it’s also the abbreviation for M.O.T.
Imagine your car undergoing its M.O.T and the result. (Yes I’m comparing bloggers to cars)

Charlene 4 When we have our dark days, we question, check and over-analyse our lives. Once the checks and over-analysing is over, the outlook is different. Our mood is different.
#motbloggers is the next step post over-analysing and your tool for enlightening the small part of your brain attempting to fight the dark days.
Charlene and I (John) will be there every week to not only give you the opportunity to use your over-analysing to good use, but to be the middle man/woman in unleashing your potential.

IMAG0919_BURST001 We all have potential at the end of the day, but sometimes we need a boost to get us going. #motbloggers is more than your M.O.T, it’s your chance to have a voice, to inspire and to prove to you that your path is right in front of you.
Obstacles and barriers are going to be broken and your future is about to open up.
Join us on Saturday 9th July @ 8pm BST (UK time) to launch the most influential blogging chat around.
Charlene will be hosting on the 9th, so keep an eye out for the topic and we’ll see you there.

Written by  Charlene and John
Pictures owned by both parties.


EMAIL: charlenemcelhinney@icloud.com


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