Manuka Honey Body Scrub

I’m just out of the bath and I am feeling so pleased with myself after using this scrub that I thought I’d write a quick post about it.

I really want to start writing more reviews and opinions on specific things on my blog. This post is purely my own views. I purchased this today from the clearance section in TK max. As you all know – I am the ultimate bargain hunter. Whenever I see something cheap and cheerful: I am captivated. The original price of this little beauty was £2.99 (But of course I didn’t pay that for it). I forked out one whole pound for this. Yep, £1.

I love a good exfoliator, me. As soon as I opened the lid, the scent had me. This stuff smells so enticing and enchanting that once you have opened it – it would be hard not to want to use on yourself! So I popped it in my basket and purchased it. It was mine. There only was one left and there was no way I was putting it back on the shelf for someone else to discover.

As soon as I got home, I ran myself a bath, and prepared myself to use my new investment. The excitement was real. Oh, it felt so damn good on my skin. It was dreamy. I lay there, scrubbing my body intensely, the manuka honey (with royal jelly & shea butter) soaking my skin. I lathered myself in it and scrubbed like there was no tomorrow. Let me tell you: It was truly divine. Afterwards, I felt so refreshed and I smelt wonderful. It was definitely £1 well spent. I assure you.

I’ve been looking online for a link to this product but I can’t seem to find this exact one; however there are many other manuka honey products on the ‘Good Things Spa’ range at the moment. Check them out.

Have you ever stumbled across this product? Or used any products from Good Things Spa?

Until next time
Charlene McElhinney



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