Rhubarb and Vanilla Body Scrub


I thought I would begin this week similar to how I started off last week: With a cheeky little review of another body scrub. The reason being is because I am totally inclined to using exfoliating scrubs at the moment. I love a good exfoliator!

This pretty pink number cost me £1 from… Wilkos (also known as ‘Wilkinsons’). As soon as I saw it I was enthralled. I flicked the lid open vigorously and sniffed away to my wee hearts content in the middle of the store – yum. It smelled so delicious; I could have tasted it (I didn’t, don’t worry). Of course, I popped it straight in my basket. It was coming home with me.

As strange as I am, as I was walking through the shopping centre, every so often I had to take this out the bag and have another whiff at it. That is how good it is! It smells exactly like the Rhubarb and Custard sweeties you used to get (you know what I am talking about? I hope so).

The minute I got home: I was straight in the shower. I couldn’t wait to lather myself in this scrub! And that’s what I did. It was blooming glorious! I genuinely could have used the whole bottle in that one wash – I couldn’t get enough of it. I am definitely going back to Wilkos to stock up on it this week! I never want to run out.

Have you ever tried this scrub? Or any of Wilkos other products that you have been super impressed with? I’d love to hear from you.

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Charlene McElhinney


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