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Aloha, you beautiful lot.

Firstly I’d just like to thank you all for the huge amount of support you all provided last week. I plucked up the courage to share with you all two extremely personal and difficult posts that I poured my heart in to – I was flabbergasted by the positivity and encouragement I received following these posts. You guys make everything I do so worthwhile and it is you who keep me going. I can not possibly thank you enough.

Today’s post is mainly going to consist of photograph’s. I went out shopping last week with my boyfriend – not intentionally going out to purchase anything in particular – but inevitably coming home with lots of goodies!
I’m not ashamed to admit I love a good shimmy through the charity shops, ‘thrift’ shops they are also known as. You will be surprised to see some of the finds I got in there this weekend. Let’s begin:
This little beauty cost me 50p.
It was originally from Miss Internationale. It is so adorable and I am really loving peplum at the moment. I can justify spending 50p on a yum yum out of greggs (well, they are 80p or something now, would you believe?) so I could not just walk by this and not pick it up for myself. Fabulous little find!

Primark’s finest:
A casual ‘tee’ at just £2. It is so sweet – it has lots of shooting arrows all over it and it was too pretty to walk past. Thanking you Primark. Pleasure doing business with you – as always!

Shout out to Primark again:
This white ribbed crop top cost me £1. I actually already have a few of these kicking about in my wardrobe, but you can never have too many, right? Especially if you are anything like me and wear your food half of the time! Yep, white tops are always a necessity – you can never have too many…

And then of course you can dress it up! This delightful little denim pinny dress cost me £1.99. You would never believe this cost so little. I felt so girly and elegant in it. I think I will take it on holiday with me. Bargain! £1.99 well spent.

This sequence, gold, party-style dress cost me £1.99 too. You can not argue with that. It’s so fancy and I don’t know where/when I’ll ever wear it but I just had to have it in my possession so I can admire it from time to time.

This little frilly dress cost me £1 and it is from Topshop. How amazing is that? Again, one of those ones that I don’t know when I’ll ever wear (mainly because I do not get my legs out on show much) but I had to have it. It was only £1 – I spend that on my bus fare on a daily basis.

Again, this sheer mesh blouse cost me £1. It is so classy and elegant. I reckon I would wear a little something underneath it and wear it with black leggings. So yeah, £1, another fab little find that I took home with me.

Back to Primark, I picked up these white bikini bottoms for £1. I genuinely, for the life of me, do not need any more bikini bottoms but I was saying to myself, ‘If you get a good tan, girl, these white pants will show it off’. So, yeah, popped them in my basket. At least I will be spoiled for choice this year. Maybe I should do a post and show you my bikini bottom collection?..

Lastly (saving the best until last, and all that jazz) I picked up these bee stickers – 2 for £1 out of ye’ old faithful poundstretchers. I’m probably the first person to ever buy from their little sticker rail up the back, ha ha! For those of you that know I have my own #beechat community and #beechat projects – these little stickers will be put to good use! Aren’t they adorable? These won’t last me long so I should have stocked up…

I hope you have enjoyed my haul post as it has been a while since I’ve done a ‘haul’ in a blog format – I’ve been doing more vlogs at the moment. I’ve enjoyed writing this and I sure hope you enjoy reading it.

Until next time
Charlene McElhinney


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