Life Update

I’ve made it a thing, now, where I blog three times a week – every week: Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. I plan ahead, I schedule, and I am always one step ahead. I love it; don’t get me wrong. Just, sometimes, I miss spontaneously writing about how my day went or how I’m feeling at that particular moment in time; or what I got up to that day. That kind of stuff, you know?

So, I thought I would take this opportunity to give those of you that are interested in me, and my life, a little update on what has been going on lately.

I’ll start off with the ‘negative’ things and then finish on a more positive note. How does that sound?

My poor wee mumma bear starts her radio therapy this month. She’s doing alright. She has been a lot stronger than I imagined she would be; she has been so brave! I know, deep down, that she is finding all of this incredibly difficult and that she is struggling to cope – and that’s why I try my best to be the finest daughter that I can be. Added to this, my Gran Rundell has been rather poorly lately and so I popped in with some flowers, cakes and a pint of milk (as you do) and she was so grateful; her wee face lit up! Bless her soul. I will reiterate what I stated in one of my previous posts: Make sure that you spend time with those that you love. Time is the most precious thing ever.

It’s not long now until I start college, I’m a bundle of nerves, but I am hoping that this is the making of me – that this course does me the world of good. I really hope that people are nice to me (I’ve been worrying like crazy about this)! I’m off to Malta soon with my boyfriend, Alastair, for two whole weeks. And do you know what? I’m looking forward to it. I need a break. I need away, just for a bit, I need to clear my head and enjoy some new scenery. I’m off on the 11th of August – and I turn 20 whilst I am away. How petrifying is that? I will go away on holiday, a teenager; and I shall return an adult. Aaaaah.

My two cats (Gizmo and Milo) are still quite dubious and unsure of one another but they are slowly but surely making progress. Milo is a bit too playful for Gizmo sometimes but they have their moments. (If you have me on Snapchat – you probably already know this – as I am constantly sharing pictures and videos of my fur babies).

I’m still going to the gym – but not as much, if I’m truly candid with you all. I try and go at least 3 times a week though. I’ve been trying to read more too (I shared my first book review on the blog last Saturday if you want to go and check it out after this). I still have good days and bad days with my Depression and Anxiety – that is always going to be the case, for me. I guess it is about learning to accept that and try my best to make a bad day as good as it can get (If that makes sense).

Anyway, darling, I shall have to love you and leave you now.
Feel free to leave me a comment – even if you just want to say hello!

Until next time
Charlene McElhinney




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