Book Review – The Good, the Bad and the Dumped by Jenny Colgan

                                              The Good, the Bad and the Dumped 
                                                                  By Jenny Colgan (SPOILER FREE)

Since my last book review; I have been very eager to do another. I don’t know what it is lately – but I just can not get enough of reading. I want to share the books that I read with everyone. So here’s my latest:

“The Good, the Bad and the Dumped” by Jenny Colgan. I’ve never read any of Jenny’s books before – this was my first – and crazily enough – I actually spoke to Jenny Colgan on Twitter, where she stated that I shouldn’t start with this book as a ‘first read’ of hers. but I did. And here is my thoughts, lovelies…

Now, you obviously, would never, ever look up your exes on Facebook. Nooo. And even if you did, you most certainly wouldn’t run off trying to track them down, risking your job, family and happiness in the process. Posy Fairweather, on the other hand . . .
Posy is delighted when Matt proposes – on top of a mountain, in a gale, in full-on romantic mode. But a few days later disaster strikes: he backs out of the engagement. Crushed and humiliated, Posy starts thinking. Why has her love life always ended in total disaster? Determined to discover how she got to this point, Posy resolves to get online and track down her exes. Can she learn from past mistakes? And what if she has let Mr Right slip through her fingers on the way?
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It didn’t take me long to finish; I was very eager to find out what happened next. It was an entertaining, humorous and quirky read.

We are introduced to Posy, the protagonist, and we learn that she is engaged and ‘ready’ to settle down with faithful, loving, Matt (who is enamoured by her). However, she is not really ready to settle down just yet – no. She wants to look up all of her previous partners on ‘Facebook’, track them down, meet up with them and chat about where she went wrong in the past. To Posy, this seems legit and feels like the right thing to do; her family, friends and the devoted Matt feel differently about the situation – and of course this changes everything. 

There is a lot of witty humour throughout this book that really portrays Posy’s personality. I was really interested in her character. Throughout the book, I was trying to understand her motives but I came to the conclusion that she had a mind of her own and nobody could understand why she had to do what she was doing – she just did. A really likeable character that you seem to adore more and more as the story unfolds.

What I would rate this book: 3/5
‘The Good, the Bad and the Dumped’ is a fabulous read and truly entertaining. It Is the kind of book that you enjoy whilst you are enduring a long journey or as you lay in bed at night. It is an easy and enjoyable read.

Where I purchased this book & how much it cost me:
I picked this up in The Salvation Army charity shop for 50p. If you would like to purchase this book I shall leave a link HERE and you can get yourself a copy. The RRP of this book, in the UK, was £7.99 but you can get it on amazon for as little as £5 (or less – if it is a second hand copy).

I just want to say:
This is definitely the kind of book that you should give a read: It is something different and you will be sure to enjoy it. I am going to send this book on to someone else to read now and I can not wait to hear their thoughts on it too!

Have you ever read this book before? Have you ever read any other Jenny Colgan Books? I would absolutely love to hear from you.


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