I Made my Snapchat Public

Recently my twitter followers – and friends – had suggested that I make my Snapchat ‘public’.

To be honest, it was not something I had ever really given much thought. I had my reasons for not making it public; similarly I had my reasons to just go for it. That is what this post is going to entail: I want to discuss with you why I didn’t initially do it and why I have decided to just go for it. I’m interested to hear if anyone has similar thoughts on this situation as me!

Following a twitter poll that I hosted on my blog account (@blogabtnothing1) I decided to make my Snapchat public. There was a high majority that voted ‘yes’ and galvanised me into doing it –  the winning option was ‘yes, go for it, I did’ – only one person said no. There was a clear winner. So if you want to add/follow me you can do so now: TheMcElhiester

The reasons why I didn’t want to make my Snapchat public:

– My main worry was that people that know me from ‘real life’ (personally would probably have been a more appropriate word choice there) would add me and judge me for the sort of things I do on my Snapchat. For example, opening blogger mail, ‘vlogging’, talking daily about things that go on in my life and essentially being an absolute ‘virus’ on Snapchat and posting religiously throughout the day. The reason why: Because I am a blogger. It’s what bloggers do nowadays. And I guess not everyone in my personal life would understand this and I guess I was just worried what they would think about it…
– People adding me just to be nosey and/or to mock me.
– I wasn’t sure if it was just Celebrities and well-known people who made their snapchat public.
– I was nervous about people I don’t particularly want to be ‘up to date’ with my life adding me and keeping tabs on what I’m doing on a regular basis.

The reasons why I decided to make my Snapchat public:

The results of my Twitter poll on my blog account and all of the encouraging words from my followers telling me to do it.
– The number of other bloggers who have also made their Snapchat public.
– Snapchat is continuously growing and growing and is becoming a very popular community for Bloggers.
-I need to try and stop caring about other people and what they think: I’m sure if people were annoyed at how regularly I snapped (and the like) that they would simply delete me – no harm done.
It is another form of social media – just like my Blog, Twitter, YouTube, FaceBook etc and I should be getting as involved as I possibly can in every aspect of it to get my blog ‘out there’.
– It could be fun? Just go for it!

So there we have it: My thought process on whether or not to make my Snapchat public – and I did. So far so good. I have not received anything negative from it yet. Happy days.

Is your snapchat public? Have you considered going public but have been sitting on the fence about it? Has this post been of any help to you at all? I would love to hear from you.

Until next time
Charlene McElhinney

SNAPCHAT: TheMcElhiester
email: charlenemcelhinney@icloud.com

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