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When Mr & Mrs Scent contacted me and told me that they would like to send me out some of their goods to review – I was pretty chuffed. Firstly because they are from Scotland (like me) and secondly because who doesn’t love a candle?

I’m a big scent lover. I love things that make your room smell good & I love lighting candles in my bedroom, living room and bathroom to create a peaceful and relaxing ambience.

I received my candles promptly and safely and it was presented pleasantly. I was sent out an extremely big candle (yay!) of Mr & Mrs’ Scent’s bespoken fragrance: Gentlemen’s Lounge. I was also gifted with two smaller candles in tins. One was their Oriens fragrance and the other was Bougie 23 (which can be bought as a large candle too)!

I want to start by telling you what I thought of the two smaller fragrance’s before getting to the pinnacle of my post: Gentlemen’s Lounge.

I found that the Oriens and Bougie 23 each had a subtle and pleasant smell. It wasn’t strong or overpowering – just nice. They have lasted me over a week and are still going strong (for such a small tin: It’s pretty impressive). Once you blow the candles out there is a really satisfying aroma and it leaves your room smelling fab.

Moving swiftly onwards to the Gentlemen’s Lounge. It was tremendous. When I first opened it I could not stop sniffing it – I would wear it if I could.  My boyfriend and my parents took a liking to it too. On their website, it is described: “Exactly what you would imagine in a Gentleman’s Lounge combined into a truly unique single fragrance. Aromatic Vintage cologne notes lead onto a heart of Rich sweet tobacco, Soft leather and warm spices and just a suggestion of Cognac. Smokey woods of Oak, Ebony and Incense combined with Dark Musk complete this exquisite manly fragrance.” Need I say any more? I’ve had this candle burning continuously and it’s still got lots of life left in it yet. It’s so damn good and would make a fabulous present for a dad, husband, boyfriend, brother etc instead of the usual aftershave. I would highly recommend this one!

Mr & Mrs Scent are a lovely couple who specialise in making their own fragrances. They put so much passion in to everything they do. You can read more about them and check out their online shop HERE.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this review, what do you think? Are candles something you get excited about too? What’s your favourite scent? I’d love to hear from you.

Charlene McElhinney


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*I was sent the items listed above to review. All opinions & views are my own.


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