5 posts I think you should read.

Hello darlings.

I want to dedicate this blog post to my fellow bloggers in the community; I’d like to share with you 10 posts I have read recently that I have thoroughly enjoyed and think other people should check out too.

I’m going to start with the fabulous Abbey. She’s such a kind soul & was part of the blogging community well before she started blogging – everybody loves her. Since she started her blog: It has been doing immensely well – she has had so much engagement in all of her posts & she deserves it because she is so dedicated and puts sooooo much in to everything she does. The post that I would love you to all go check out is her ‘Level up your Snail Mail’ post (for some reason it will not let me link you directly to this specific post but if you click HERE it will take you directly to her page where it should pop up if you scroll down a little bit).

Moving swiftly onwards to the lovely Katrina Wilson. She’s an absolute darling. I write to her regularly – the old fashioned way – through my #beechat snail mail project and I always look forward to her letters popping through the post for me. She does not get enough recognition for her blog as she should so I would LOVE you all to drop by & leave her a sweet comment. I particularly liked her blog post: “Dear Dr Dick” – so please go and give it a read.
Next up is the wonderful Sarah Dickinson. She is such a pleasant and friendly person, an excellent friend, and everyone needs someone like Sarah in their life. She is always active on her blog and has a variety of series’ on there too – have a browse & get involved! My favourite post of Sarah’s at the moment is her “Rambly Life Post“. Go and show her some love you angels.
Then there is the incredible Vee O’ Sullivan. She is a gem of a lass! She loves reading (like me) and we have done book swaps with one another. She has an adorable pet ferret… which brings me to my favourite post of Vee’s: “My pet ferret is a kleptomaniac“. Whatever you do – you MUST give this a read; it will make you smile! I assure you.
Lastly, it’s my wee spring chicken: Anna Tylek. She’s a sweetheart. She continuously seems to be growing and growing with her blog. I feel like a proud mother. My favourite post of hers at the moment is her latest one (which you can find HERE) where she gives us a little tour, through pictures, of her bedroom! Which is adorable by the way! Go and share the love with Anna.
I loved writing this post. It’s nice to give others a little bit of recognition for the hard work that they put in. I am going to do something like this every so often because I think it’s wonderful to be supportive to other bloggers in the community – and everyone always is to me and my blog – and so it’s a pleasure to be able to return the favour.

Until next time
Charlene McElhinney

SNAPCHAT: TheMcElhiester
EMAIL: charlenemcelhinney@icloud.com


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