BOOK REVIEW: Best Man by Matt Dunn

“Best Man” by Matt Dunn
Book Review (spoiler free)

Hello darlings.
I’m back with another book review – I genuinely can not stop reading at the moment. One of my followers tweeted me the other day and stated ‘I can not keep up with you and the books you are reading at the moment.’ – I love it. I have only recently got back into the swing of reading and I am absolutely absorbed by it; there is nothing more relaxing than letting your mind run free with a good book.

So, today I’m reviewing Matt Dunn’s first novel: “Best Man”. It’s a quirky, funny and enjoyable read. I read it over the course of 2 days.

The Blurb
He’s your best friend. She’s the love of his life. You’ve got six weeks to convince him otherwise. Adam Bailey is appalled when his best friend Nick announces that he’s about to marry his new girlfriend, Sandra. Can’t Nick see just how wrong the loud-mouthed, bossy, gold-digging Sandra is for him? Somehow Adam has to make his friend see the error of his ways – without losing his friendship in the process. With only six weeks to go until the wedding, there’s not a lot of time. But amidst the chaos, carnage and confusion which ensue in the run-up to the big day, Adam himself meets someone who will change his life in ways he could never have expected.


I found the ‘Best Man’ to be a very enjoyable and humorous read. Matt Dunn has a very delightful style of writing and has the capability to make you chuckle and smile as you work your way through the pages.

In my own words, I would say that the story deals with a man, Adam, who is a bit of a ‘lad’ and doesn’t seem to want to settle down, be in a serious relationship or commit himself to anything. He sees everyone else around him settling down and even this does not make him want to change his ways – until he unexpectedly falls in love with the charming, Charlie. He doesn’t quite know what to do; when things are beginning to get serious. Is she the one for him? Meanwhile, is friend jumps into a relationship and is due to get married in less than 6 weeks. Adam knows that the woman he has chosen is no good for him and that she is only after one thing: Money. But how on earth does he explain and prove this to his best friend? Is this the end of a life-long friendship or can Adam reveal this woman for what she really is?

I have to say, I think I summed that story up pretty well (If I do say so myself). It really is such a pleasurable read and one of those ones you can just read at your leisure – however I read it after just 2 days. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It makes you laugh out loud and smile as you read it – which I just love about a book! It’s very seldom I can find a book that does this. I found the sense of humour entertaining as it is wrote from a man’s perspective and hearing the way they talk is pretty unusual and comical.


It’s such an easy and enjoyable read and is definitely a book I would recommend for others to read. Matt Dunn has done extremely well with this book. I shall be keeping an eye out for more of his books in the future!


I stumbled across this book in The Salvation Army Charity Shop for 50p – you can get yourself a copy of it HERE if you wish to give it a read. Matt Dunn also has a range of other books now on his website that you should check out (I know I am going to)!

Have you ever heard of Matt Dunn or was this your first time? Do you like the sound of this book? Is it something you would read? Let me know; I love hearing from you.

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