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I was kindly invited along to a bloggers event (my first one, if I’m being more pedantic) held by Supercuts – in St Rollox, Glasgow. The main reason for this event was to promote Supercuts current competition: #SquadGoals (Click HERE to read all about the ins & outs of the competition and how YOU can enter).

If you win the #SquadGoals competition you will be whisked away to a studio in London for a hair and beauty makeover (from the Supercuts styling team, of course) and you will receive a goody bag of TIGI products to take home with you. Added to this, you will also receive an exclusive photoshoot AND an overnight stay in the capital city; what have you got to lose? Definitely check out the link I shared above and get involved: You’ve got to be in it to win it!

I guess the reason you are reading this is because you’re eager to know how I got on at the Supercuts Bloggers Event so let me get down to the nitty gritty: It was my very first bloggers event so, yeah, I was pretty much a nervous wreck. I had asked if I could perhaps take a friend along with me but I was told as there was only limited spaces available that I had to go alone. (Oh well, I thought, at least there will be Prosecco there to calm my nerves).

As I entered the room and looked around, I saw 3 other girls getting pampered, and so I assumed that these girls were the other bloggers. They were sipping on Prosecco and eating nibbles (the pros of being a blogger, right)? I was welcomed by one of the hairdressers who was very friendly and offered me some of what the other girls were having! The craziest thing happened: I got chatting to one of the other bloggers, who was really sweet, and we went to follow one another on social media but… SHE ALREADY FOLLOWED ME! She knew who I was and she already followed me – how mad is that? I felt like a celebrity for a moment, ha ha!

Anyway, the lady who was doing my hair was called Karen and she immediately made me feel comfortable and chatted away to me and talked me through what she was doing. I felt like a queen – sitting there with my Prosecco getting my hair done for me – I wasn’t used to this sort of treatment. Karen went for a hair-up style for me which I didn’t mind as it is very seldom I wear my hair up so it was nice for a change. Afterwards, we took lots of pictures and we were allowed to roam around with our cameras and do our thing!

Before leaving, we were each given a goody bag of TIGI products, courtesy of Supercuts! Thank you so much for the goodies!

It was such a pleasant evening and it was a very positive first experience of a Blogger Event; I can not wait for the next one!

Have you ever been to Supercuts before? Have you ever used TIGI products? What was your first blogger event? I would love to hear from you!

Until next time
Charlene McElhinney


SNAPCHAT: TheMcElhiester

*All photos are my own. The photograph at the end of me getting pampered was taken by the lovely @fionnfionnfionn – thank you Fionn.


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