Revolucion de Cuba launch in Glasgow.

 I was fortunate enough to be invited along to the launch of a fabulous new Latin inspired rum bar and cantina in Glasgow: Revolucion de  Cuba. Not only was I sent an E-invite (is that even a thing? I was sent an invitation by email…) but I also received the loveliest edible invitation EVER: A cookie invite. It was decorated immaculately and represented the first drink I was given on the night – totally impressed! I haven’t yet tried the cookie as I thought I’d wait until the event was over before I devoured it but perhaps I’ll have it with a cuppa later!

I have to say: I was absolutely overwhelmed by how spoiled I was last night. From the minute I walked in to the place I was treated like royalty – my friend included. I was allowed to take a plus one on the evening so I took along my lovely friend Megan McPhail (who I also took along with me to the GBK event –  which I wrote about previously). We were both looked after so well the whole evening. We were spoiled with nibbles and drinks when we first arrived and were allowed to sit and chat amongst ourselves for a bit; it was a little difficult to hear one another as there was a live band playing and it was rather loud but great to listen to all the same (they even sang happy birthday to someone later on in the evening, when I was feeling a little merry from the alcohol, so I may have joined in a little from the side lines).

After chatting for a bit and getting to know one another, a member of staff approached us and moved us over to another table, closer to the live band. We were given some food to taste and trial and we were to feedback what sort of tastes we were getting etc. I was mortified as I don’t really eat food like this but I did give it a little try so I didn’t stick out like a sore thumb. It must have been delicious as I was the only one who didn’t empty my plate! Next, we took a turn each to get up and make our own little Christmas gift, with different seasoning’s and spices to pop in to a jar to take home with us as a gift.

Next up was the rum tasting session. I had never really had rum before until last night; I’m more of a fruit cider or cocktail kind-of girl. Nevertheless, I gave it a bash, and was absolutely fascinated by all the facts about all of the different rums. We tried so many! My throat was burning and I felt rather tipsy afterwards… I think we all did.

To finish off our evening, they showed us to these little corner booths, which were absolutely adorable! It was ‘tapas’ time –  (I’d never had tapas before last night either). We were spoiled with more drinks and even more food. It just kept coming and coming. There were 4 of us at our table and there was just so much food – everyone tucked right in and I just nibbled away at these spicy potato things because I am a terribly fussy eater. I made up for it with drink! Ha!


For desert, we were given ‘Churros’ which was another first for me. I was in my element with these and I’m not going to lie: I ate 3. There was a salted caramel dipping sauce and a chocolate sauce and they were both heavenly. I definitely would have these again.

The venue in itself was stunning. There were big massive disco balls on the ceiling, all different kinds of tables and seating areas, a stage area for the live band, vintage looking books and cameras at the side of the booths (which I loved, loved, loved). It was all just so lovely. The toilets were absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I am not exaggerating. There was a huge lounge chair for you to lie on, tons and tons of mirrors, a big desk vanity with an abundance of magazines for you to choose from, flowers and everything. It was stunning. If only I had took my phone to the toilet I would have took some pics for you! Ha! It was truly magnificent: The whole place.

Do I recommend Revolucion de Cuba?  I sure do. Definitely pop it on your to-do-list if you’re venturing out to Glasgow any time soon. If it’s drinks you’re after, food, or just a chilled out evening with some live music – you will thoroughly enjoy your visit here.

So, what do you think guys? Is this somewhere you would like to go? Have you ever heard of Revolucion de Cuba before? Are tapas your kind of thing?  I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a wee comment below!

Until next time

Charlene McElhinney







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35 thoughts on “Revolucion de Cuba launch in Glasgow.

    1. Omg we need to put it on our bucket list to meet up and have cocktails together some day!! and pop the book date in a coffee shop on there too! So much to do!! 🙂

      Thank you so much for dropping by my blog sweetpea and leaving me a wee comment!

      So much love
      Charlene McElhinney X


  1. It was such a fantastic night and I’m so pleased I got a chance to meet you and Megan! I can’t believe how quickly the rum went to my head, my face was completely numb and I had such a hangover the next day!

    Hopefully we get the chance to meet up again at some point in the future, maybe Megan will have started blogging again too! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi lovely,
      Thanks for dropping by my blog & leaving me a comment. It was such a pleasure to meet you too chick! I felt slightly hungover the next day too! Such a light weight haha!

      Thanks again chick and hope to meet you again in the near future!

      Charlene McElhinney X


    1. It really was – I felt so privileged. ♥️
      And yeah you should definitely pop in chick (even just to use the loo cause the restrooms are BEAUTIFUL). Hahaha!!
      Hope you manage to get yourself along some time! You won’t regret it! Xoxox

      Lots of love
      Charlene McElhinney


  2. Hey lovely! OMERGOSH! That absolutely looks amazing! i really enjoyed your post, i think ‘m defiantly going give it a go! Looking at all this food has made me hungry now !! :’) much lovexxx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m devastated that the Mexican restaurant in the town next to where I live closed! So now I have to travel for at least an hour if I want churros 😭 they’re too good to be that unobtainable haha xx


  3. OMG a restaurant that’s not in London, this place sounds amazing and right up our street (food of course) sounds like you had an amazing time and who could say no to all those drinks and churros!

    So happy you enjoyed everything and coming out of your comfort zone, you should eat with us! That would be different haha

    Just found out they have a branch in Sheffield, so hopefully when we’re there in the NY we can try for ourselves! That’s me for sharing!

    Jessica & James | foodandbaker.co.uk

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello lovelies,
      Always a pleasure when I see your names pop up in my notifications! Yeah you two could show me the ropes with food – show me what’s good and introduce me to new stuff (especially desserts)!

      Definitely let me know what you think of it if you manage to check it out!

      Charlene McElhinney Xxx


    1. The invite was beautiful eh? I was honestly overwhelmed. Thank you so much for saying you loved this post – it makes writing so worthwhile when people let me know they enjoy what I’m writing! Have a fab day & thanks again lovely.

      Charlene McElhinney Xx

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  4. Hey babe!!! Love love love this post!!! We have one of these in Harrogate and I have to say i absolutely love it! mainly bc i adore mexican food/tapas in general as well as cocktails!!! =P Tee hee hee!! So pleased you and your friend had a great night together enjoying this new restaurant!!!! You’ve made me want to go back to Revolucion De Cuba for another round of tapas with cocktails!!!! =P
    Rum’s the best don’t you think?! Rather jealous you got to taste so many lovely ones!!!! Tee hee hee!
    Love you as always babe
    Sunshine Sarah xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow it sounds like this place really know how to treat their guests! Seems like you had an absolutely fabulous time! Your slightly tipsy snapchats from the night did make me giggle! All those cocktails looked scrumptious! I’m a massive fan of churros too, I could happily eat those every single day! Good on you for giving the new foods a try! I’d love to go to an event like this, I wonder if Revolucion will be opening a branch in Oxford….

    Abbey 😁 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

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