My current favourite Coronation Street Characters

For those of you that know me: You will know how much I adore Coronation Street. Ever since I was a tot I’ve watched Corrie – I never miss it – I could write a whole post in itself about how much I love corrie but I’m going to just focus this post solely on the characters that I just can’t get enough of:


Rita Sullivan
I have so much love and adoration for this lady. She reminds me of my Gran McElhinney sometimes. The way she dresses, her make up, her hair, her wise words – she’s just flawless. She’s everybody’s agony aunt and always gives people a chance. I love the scenes between Noris and Rita in the cabin; say what you want about Noris but they make a good double act and never cease to provide great entertainment. Rita is just so classy, good-hearted and everything I aspire to be when I grow older. What a woman.


Peter Barlow
I think everyone was gutted when Peter Barlow left Coronation Street – I know I was. I was absolutely thrilled when he made a return to the cobbles. Peter is mysterious, unreliable and a bit of a ‘bad boy’. You never know what to expect from him! I really hope we get some good storylines involving Peter soon as I think we’re all dying to see more from him. So glad he’s back! Always been one of my favourites!


Mary Taylor
Mary’s flamboyant character is one that we just can’t help but love. Her one liners, her rambles and her quirky nature are just one of the many reasons that I always look forward to her on screen appearances. Did you know that the actress who plays Mary Taylor had wanted to be a part of corrie for quite some time and had wrote in to the casting  director, suggesting ideas for a character she had created, and asked to play her? This was refused. Later, they created Mary and invited Patti Clare (the actress who plays Mary) to come in and be in five comedic episodes in which the viewers accepted and took a liking to Mary and wanted to see more. She was, of course, offered a permanent position on the cobbles.


I think Freddy is a great attribute to Coronation Street and I believe he has so much potential – I hope they give Freddy some juicy storylines some time soon as I would love to see more of him! He fits right in at the garage, his scenes with Kylie were simply wonderful and he was just an incredible newcomer – he fit right in straight away. I hope they keep him on! He is humorous, likeable and a pleasure to watch. More from Freddy please!


David Platt
I think we can all agree that Jack P Shepard’s (actor who plays David)  acting has been second to none this year: Absolutely outstanding. I always find myself laughing out loud at David’s jokes and facial expressions, his wicked ways and his scenes with Gail Platt. However, this year, we saw a completely different side to David when he lost his wife Kylie and she died in his arms. It was devastating to watch, my heart was in my mouth, but Jack’s acting was impeccable and I’m sure he will win plenty of awards for his incredible performance. Corrie wouldn’t be the same without David.
So these are my current favourite Coronation Street characters; I’m also a big fan of Todd Grimshaw and Sally Webster – and Tim. Who are your favourite character’s in Corrie? Who do you dislike? Which character would you love to see back on the cobbles?
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Charlene McElhinney
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