Just fab? Just Fraud!


Just Fab is an online shoe company, I believe, who are notorious for their scamming and deceitful online ‘VIP membership programme’. I’ve been a bit dubious about writing this post and publishing it on my blog but I’ve heard countless stories of other people getting scammed and ripped off by this sly company and I can’t stand back and watch it happen time and time again. I want to share my experience with this abomination of a company – who may I add has completely made me distrust online shopping anywhere new and has also badly affected my credit rating! Never again.

So it was Black Friday, I was surfing the web, checking out deals on my UniDays app (perks of being a student) and I stumbled across Just Fab. It was stating that they had a massive sale on for Black Friday and after having a shimmy through some of their items I thought bingo! I needed a pair of flat black leather boots for work and I found just the pair for £14 so I popped them in my basket. I went to the checkout; it was no different from any other online shop I had ever used (which is a hell of a lot). £14 was quite reasonable for a pair of decent boots for work: Little did I know they were going to cost me nearly £90 AND ruin my credit rating that I’d work so hard to build.

A few months went by without me even noticing: No emails, no notifications, nothing. I was browsing through my online banking one day and as I did I began to notice my money decreasing without any knowledge of recently making any purchases. I was informed by my bank that it was a company called Just Fab who had been taking £35 odd a month out of my account. This was news to me! I had no idea why this company were doing this: I hadn’t given my permission or signed anywhere to say that I agreed to this but hey! That’s what had been happening.

Inevitably, the first thing I did was contact PayPal. Apparently they had been making payments to this company and had stated it was a ‘pre-approved payment’ which it most definitely was not. The man on the phone actually informed me that it was a dodgy company and they have had countless complaints and problems with ‘Just Fab. Which raises the question: Why aren’t they doing anything about it?

To cut a long story short – the unhelpful and smug man on the other end of the phone basically told me it was my problem and I was to sort it out with Just Fab. (I loathe talking on phones and by this point my anxiety was getting pretty bad and I was all flustered – I just wanted these people to leave me alone and stop taking my hard earned money).

Just Fab answered and spoke to me in the most patronising tone and it sounded like they were reading off a script. Added to this, I also checked out their twitter account (And Instagram, facebook etc.) and they literally receive so so so so many complaints daily about this ‘VIP Programme’ and they hit their customers with the most pathetic and repetitive response which basically says  ‘We don’t give a shit. Have a nice day’. Apparently, they claim that when you purchase ANYTHING that is on sale you are automatically signed up to the VIP programme in which you must fork out £35 a month for something or other. What a load of bollocks! If it was clear, and they did give you this information, then why are SO many people aggravated and losing out on so much money? I’m actually lucky to only have lost £90 – I’ve seen many of their ‘customers’ lose over £200. It’s daylight robbery. How are they getting away with this?

I received my first ever debt letter through the door today because of Just Fab. I spoke on the phone last week to PayPal and they didn’t even give me time to try and sort it and I’ve got this through the door – it’s unbelievable – that is going to highly affect my credit rating and for a 20 year old girl: that ain’t going to do me any favours. It’s a disgrace!

The sad part about all of this is the shoes were the most uncomfortable pair I own. I came home from work with blisters and the shoes stunk of fish (that cheap leather smell, you know what I’m talking about?) So basically I got done.

Please, please, please if you are going to buy online from a company you’ve never used before research it before hand. Type it in to google. I wish I had. I was too trusting! It seemed like a legit company. And if I were you, I would highly recommend that you don’t order from Just Fab, but you probably gathered that already!

Have you ever had a bad experience with Just Fab (Or online shopping in general)? Or do you know someone else who has been ripped off by Just Fab? Drop me a comment below. I’d really like to hear from you.

Charlene McElhinney






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28 thoughts on “Just fab? Just Fraud!

  1. I’ve always suspected that something wasn’t right with this company, so I’m glad you wrote this post! I’ve never ordered from them but a similar thing happened with my friend with fabletics! I honestly think this kind of online shopping is ridiculous because who knows they can afford to pay £35 for a new pair of shoes every month? It’s awful that you didn’t even agree to it though! I’ll definitely never be ordering from them.
    Hayley X


  2. So sorry to hear you had a bad experience. We had the same issue but we noticed it sooner than later and managed to get my money back from the bank and cancelled the account but the following months I still got charged, so I called up the bank again and it wasn’t as simple this time – had to wait a few more days and had to go thorough some security stuff etc but I did end up getting my money back and my bank blocked all outgoing payments to them! Hope you can get something sorted with it soon!

    Jessica & James | foodandbaker.co.uk

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    1. Definitely it’s out of order! I can’t believe they actually get away with it though – in this day & age! Totally put me off shopping online with stores I haven’t heard of before. Will always do my research now and find out what other people are saying!

      Thanks for dropping by my blog! X


  3. It’s scary how easily you can lose money through this kind of thing! I’ve ended up losing out through using PayPal before too and they were so unhelpful when I was trying to get my money back.

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    1. You are more than welcome; I would hate someone else to be in the awful position I’m currently in because of this sham of a company! So glad you held off, there are so many good sites out there that you would be better off shopping at! Have you every heard of everything5pounds? They are simply wonderful – my go to online store always!
      Have a fab day & thanks for dropping by!
      Charlene McElhinney x


  4. I’ve seen soooo many people on Facebook leave comments on their posts about how they have been ripped off and Just Fab have taken their money as well! It is absolutely criminal and disgusting. I’m so sad you have been attacked like this by what seems like an “innocent” company, but I’m glad you are letting everyone know what they are really like!


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    1. Thank you so much chick! You are so right – it is disgusting! Hopefully enough people will complain and spread the word and they wont get away with it anymore!

      Thanks for dropping by my blog sweetie!

      Charlene McElhinney x


  5. Wow, just wow!
    I’ve eyed up their shoes a few times but always thought their amazing ‘deals’ seemed too good to be true so stayed clear. Now I’ve read this I know 100% I made the right choice and will never buy from them. How awful!!

    I’d get in touch with the trading ombudsman to make a complaint and get your money refunded! They clearly aren’t being upfront about it being a ‘subscription’ service. So unethical! Hope you get it sorted out sweets!!

    Samantha xo | Blended To Perfection

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    1. So glad you didn’t buy anything from them because I’d hate this to happen to you after setting your eyes on a nice pair of shoes! If you’re looking for a trustworthy and decent site check out Everything5Pounds they are so good & reliable!

      Thanks for the advice and for dropping by my blog!

      Charlene McElhinney x


  6. Really interesting post. I had a bit of an issue with Want That Trend before Christmas who took my cash, said goods were sent when they weren’t and ignored all my comments and messages (the only way to contact them!) Lesson learnt, although my goods turned up eventually, I won’t shop there again. Hope everything sorts itself out for you!

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    1. Thanks chick!
      Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with them – I’ve never used them so will probably stay away in the future! We have both learned something new today haha!
      Thanks again lovely
      Charlene McElhinney


  7. OK so don’t panic about your credit score. You have to sign up to a credit agreement and then default on it for it to hit your score. You didn’t do this I presume, just sign you by accident to a direct debit payment. Check your score (for free with all the agencies) and you shouldn’t see them. If you do, you can add a note to your accounts to dispute them. Good luck!

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    1. Thank you so much for the advice! I’ll definitely check out an agency to check my credit score – perhaps maybe next month to see if it’s updated at all.
      Thanks for dropping by my blog & leaving a comment lovely!

      Charlene McElhinney x


  8. I’ve heard so many bad things about this company, my sister had almost exactly the same issue with them – she was able to get a refund via her bank after explaining and stopped the payments that way too! I’ll definitely be staying away from the company in the future! Sorry this happened to you lovely 😦 x

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    1. My bank haven’t refunded me and neither will PayPal or the rubbish company – it’s so bad! Now I’ve got a debt letter. Can’t quite believe it! I had to write this post! Don’t want anyone else to go through this! Tell your sister that it’s happened to one of your blogger friends too!

      Thanks for dropping by!
      Charlene McElhinney x


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