A poem for my Gran on her 80th birthday

For my Gran Rundell on her 80th birthday

Lots of love Charlene McElhinney.


To my ‘One Gran’

On her big special day

I cannot believe

That you are now eighty


You’re a vital part of my life

Gran, you have always been there

Providing for my big brother and I

With an abundance of love and care


When we were young and little

And things at home were tough

You did your best for us wee tots –

Gran, you did more than enough


You lavished your love upon us

Always keeping us entertained

I suppose we were easy pleased

Cause we were good wee wains


You were ever so immensely proud

To take us everywhere with you

Introducing us to all your friends

And speaking so highly of us too


Summer time was just the best

When Aaron and I came to stay

Breakfast, elevenses, lunch and dinner

Then Supper at the end of the day


I’ll always remember the magnum centre

Where you frequently took us all swimming

The amusements, the beach and the bowling trips

(That Aaron was always blooming winning!)

And all of these memories, Gran

We made in Kilwinning


There are so many strange things, Gran

That remind me so much of you

Plain bread with the black crusts

Imperial Leather Soap too?


And whenever I see a scrabble board

(well, need I say any more?)

It goes without saying that

Nobody can beat your score!


We have such a huge family, you have

Grandkids and great grandchildren galore

And yet you provide us each with love

Not one of us receiving any less or any more


You’re the only grandparent I have left

And I miss my Gran McElhinney profoundly

You have been there for me, more than you know

Comforting me astoundingly.

Every time I see your cute little face

I appreciate you with all of my heart

I just wish I was better at showing it

I’m absolutely rubbish at that part!


I want to tell you you’re wonderful

In every conceivable way

So, how does it feel, Gran

Now that you’re eighty?








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