My first experience of laser tattoo removal

Let’s begin with a photograph of the tattoo that I am currently going under the laser to have removed.

before laser.JPG

I was 15(ish) and I guess when you’re 15 and you have the opportunity to get a tattoo then nobody can talk you out of it really. At the time I was very passionate about my faith and this seemed relatively appealing – so I just went for it. Now that I’m 20 I wish that I had just waited. But hey, you must make your own mistakes to learn from them, right? You may be gobsmacked to know that the reason I am actually undergoing this laser tattoo removal process is because I plan on getting a cover up tattoo – a professional one! One that I have thought about carefully that will be getting done in a proper tattoo parlour.

You may be wondering why I would put myself through this process just to get another tattoo in the exact same place; well, it’s simple, I just want it done right. I am fed up of looking at this on my wrist every day… I just want something I can look at and feel generally happy and content with. And this isn’t doing it for me.

Let’s get to it. I’m now going to share a few pictures from today’s laser removal experience so if you’re a bit squeamish I recommend looking away now, scroll past or close off my blog completely (you don’t hear many bloggers saying that, do you?)

after laser.jpg

…Not exactly the most attractive thing you’ve seen in your life right? Both of these photographs were taken within the first hour of having it done. It’s been about 7 hours now and the bleeding has calmed down and it’s just really swollen  (and stinging like I’ve just been brutally attacked by every wasp in the biggest wasp hive you could ever imagine after attempting to obliterate it). Ok that was probably a slight exaggeration but it’s nothing like getting a tattoo, that’s for sure, getting a tattoo is a breeze. This ain’t. But it’s quick so that’s a positive! I was literally sitting down for less than 5 minutes and it was over. You need to wear a cool set of sunglasses (you know, like the ones the dentist gives you to wear?) so at least if I needed to shed a wee tear I could have discreetly! ha!

I’m really good at handling pain. In fact, I quite enjoy it, especially the feeling of getting tattooed. But this. This was a whole other kettle of fish altogether. This wasn’t enjoyable; it was tolerable. For someone who isn’t great at dealing with pain then I really don’t suggest putting yourself through laser surgery. Just being honest guys. Thank me later. 

I got my laser tattoo removal done at Fleur De Lis in Glasgow, St Enoch. This is where my brother & I tend to go for our tattoos. It was quick, easy & the staff are super friendly and make you feel comfortable the moment you step foot in the parlour. This is where I’ll be going for my cover up tattoo a few months down the line (providing my current tattoo heals quickly) so I’ll be sure to keep you all up to date.

Have you ever had a tattoo removed? Or laser surgery for anything else? I would love to hear your stories.

Until next time

Charlene McElhinney







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10 thoughts on “My first experience of laser tattoo removal

  1. One of my family members recently had laser removal done on their back and they said that it absolutely killed! So i definitely salute you having it done on your wrist, what are you having it covered up with? x


  2. I’ve had laser removal on my wrist, it’s painful but so worth it. A few tips, freeze your wrist for 15 mins before you go in…literally go past numb until you think you might be turning to ice! It REALLY helps!
    Also buy some aloe Vera gel – this is what I got http://www.superdrug.com/Aloe-Pura/Aloe-Pura-Aloe-Vera-Gel-100ml/p/579025 and apply that a few times a day after you’ve had it done. It massively helps with the healing and prevents scaring which is common on the wrist!

    Let me know how you get on..mines gone now! Xx


  3. Omgoodness that looks painful, this is exactly the reason I waited until I was 18 to get a tattoo, I knew exactly what I wanted and why I wanted it. You are very brave going through the removal process but will definitely be worth it when you get to cover it with what you want 🙂


  4. That looks so painful! I’m desperate for a tattoo aorund my ankle but I’m​ such a baby with pain so I always talk myself out of it. Never heard of that tattoo parlour, I’ll give them a look and see if I can be brave and get it done haha xo


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