#Day2 of the Easter Break (Taking Batman to the Vet, working up a sweat & buying more books)


For those of you who aren’t regular readers of my blog: Gizmo (pictured above) is one of my cats. He’s the little tabby in the picture who is looking at the camera! The black and white cat, who is sitting ever so proudly, I have named Batman. He isn’t mine. I wish he was; he’s such a precious soul.

I believe Batman is a stray. He comes to my house nearly every day and just chills in the garden with Gizmo. We feed him and always keep an eye out for him. He’s been coming for several weeks now and I can’t help but feel this emptiness in my stomach whenever I look at him and think about him out on the streets every day. A couple of days ago he came to the garden and we noticed his paw was cut. Yesterday it looked swollen. Today it looked infected. I couldn’t just stand back and do nothing anymore – I had to get him seen to. I registered him at the vet as Batman and booked him in for an appointment. (In order to be seen by a vet they need to be registered). Batman hasn’t been neutered and I discovered today that he also isn’t microchipped. It’s plausible he has no owner.  My heart breaks for him. I want to adopt him so badly but Mum & Dad aren’t up for having another cat. I need to work some magic to convince them to keep him because I’ve just absolutely fell in love with him. I’d need to get him neutered though as soon as possible if they let me have him.

It turned out his precious little paw was infected and he had been scratched on the face too. He had been attacked, by the looks of it. I paid for him to have an antibiotic jag. The vet charged me £41.90 for this but I didn’t care: As long as he was OK. He was so stressed at the Vet. It was like he had never experienced anything like it before. It broke my heart – but I was helping him. I was doing what nobody else had done for him.

I’ll keep you all updated on what happens with Batman but in the meantime I’ll just fill you in on what I got up to with the rest of my day:

  • I went to the gym (with my cousin Hollie). Second day in a row I’ve managed to drag myself to the gym. We worked up such a sweat and had a really productive workout. I’m definitely feeling it.
  • I went shopping – again! And I purchased 6 new books, ankle/wrist weights (for working out), a dress, a new top and a lovely shirt for my mum!
  • I drank 2L+ of water again today.
  • I’ve almost reached my 10,000 step target! I’ll walk up and down the stairs this evening to make sure I hit it.
  • I received a #GoodEgg kit from the Coop which was lovely – thank you! I passed it on to my boyfriend for being so wonderful helping me with the publication of my book.

Anyway, it’s only #Day2 of the Easter Break and so far I’ve managed to do some positive things. I am absolutely loving sharing them with you. What did you guys get up to today? What do you think of Batman?


Charlene McElhinney







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9 thoughts on “#Day2 of the Easter Break (Taking Batman to the Vet, working up a sweat & buying more books)

  1. Batman is gorgeous! So so amazing that you helped him out and I hope he’s feeling much better. I love helping strays too and I wish I could just keep them all lol.
    Sounds like things are looking up for you right now – you’ll need to pass some workout motivation to me !
    Claire xo


  2. He looks absolutely gorgoues I saw your Facebook post about him? Have you found his owner? I love your daily posting x


  3. Aww it broke my heart knowing Batman got attacked and infected 😦 it’s so cute you named him Batman and I know how you feel about wanting to adopt him, I want a cat so badly too but my parents won’t let me have one.

    skinnydecxflatte.blogspot.com xo


  4. Awww I can see why you named him Batman, this is so sweet of you to take care of another cat, hope you get to keep him!

    Sounds like you’re have a great positive and productive Easter break so far! Enjoy it, do it for those who are working haha

    Jessica | growchangeaccept.co.uk


  5. I hope Batman is OK! He has such wonderful markings – I hope your Mum and Dad will let you keep him. My parents had a stray turn up at their house (they have 5 cats so I guess he thought it was a cat hotel??) and he’s the sweetest thing, but he’s had a terrible cold and is covered in all sorts of scratches. It must be hard for them out on the streets! Keep us updated 🙂 xx


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