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Hello lovelies!

Last Thursday I went to a blogger ‘meet & greet’ event at Ayrshire’s fabulous little jewellery and accessory store: Cherry Soda. Situated in Ayr’s central shopping centre, it is very well-known by the locals in Ayr! I’d never been before but my boyfriend’s Mum lives 5 minutes from the shopping centre and has been in Cherry Soda before on numerous occasions and always speaks so highly of it; when I was invited along to the meet & greet event and told that I could potentially be an online brand ambassador for them – I didn’t want to miss this opportunity!


Cherry Soda offer a range of popular and affordable jewellery in store and online. They sell brands that are extremely known for upmarket and luxurious jewellery such as Swarovski, Thomas Sabo, Disney Couture, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein & Vivian Westwood. In addition, they also sell more affordable and lower-priced brands with the same excellent quality such as Miss Dee, Joma Jewellery, Cherry Soda (!) and much more.


What I really admire about Cherry Soda is that they literally cater for everyone; there is such a wide variety of brands that you are spoiled for choice! They always have great offers and deals going on (in store and online). I’m also going to give you guys, my loyal readers & wonderful followers, a 20% discount to use on Cherry Soda’s online store! Just type CHARLENE20 in at the checkout and you’ll get a cheeky 20% discount off whatever you’re buying!

I’m privileged that I was one of the lucky ones picked out to be one of Cherry Soda’s online brand ambassador’s and I look forward to future collaborations and opportunities with such a magnificent & grand brand (that’s a tongue twister). I adore all of their products and felt like such a V.I.P at the blogger event – I look forward to sharing more beautiful products from Cherry Soda with you guys soon!

How lush is the Miss Dee heart necklace I received? Have you ever heard of Cherry Soda before? What’s your favourite brand that they have in stock? Pop me a comment – I just love hearing from you all.

Until next time

Charlene McElhinney


*I received some items in exchange for a review. All opinions, photos & views are my own. I do not receive commission for the use of my promotional code. This is purely a family & friends discount*.

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  1. June 24, 2017 / 6:57 am

    It’s always amazing reading how you write about these posts. You are a true writer and you made this read incredibly interesting, as you do with everything 🙂 Such a great opportunity and you deserved it! Never stop writing!

  2. June 26, 2017 / 7:08 pm

    What an exciting opportunity, you totally deserve it! I’ve never heard of Cherry Sode but I’ll be popping along next time I’m in Ayr!
    Claire xo

  3. Kayleigh Zara
    June 29, 2017 / 12:38 am

    I remember seeing your snapchat story about this event and the unboxing of the bits that you received! Really like the necklace x

  4. July 4, 2017 / 7:43 am

    Such a pretty necklace, I love the rose gold! It sounds like you had a great evening at the blogging event and I can’t wait to see some of your future collaborated posts!

    Tabitha xx

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