In Loving Memory of Emma Cosgrove


photo source: Emma Cosgrove’s twitter


I couldn’t sleep last night after receiving the devastating news that Emma Cosgrove, a sweet & loving young lady who was very valued in the blogging community, had lost her 7 year battle to Cancer. She was such an inspiration to us all and will be sorely missed.

On Instagram this morning I shared this message: This photo was taken by the sweetest, most courageous and inspirational girl that I’ve stumbled across in the blogging community who sadly lost her 7 year battle to cancer. She was ever supportive of my book and told me how much it helped her – I only wish I had thanked her properly and could have done more to ease her pain than just through words on a piece of paper. Emma was a huge poetry fan and her lovely friend @beccianniepoetry has written some lovely pieces for her, and in memory of her. She will be sorely missed in the future #beechat twitter chats, her cheery & chatty presence was always welcomed, and appreciated. I’m so devastated at hearing this news and I’m so privileged that someone so beautiful and precious adored and took comfort from my book. Rest in peace sweetheart. We all love you. 💕

Emma used to drop by #beechat’s twitter chats and was so full of hope & determination which can only be described as truly admirable: How someone going through so much pain and woe could upkeep such an upbeat and cheery presence is remarkable. But that was Emma through and through. She told me how my poetry collection, Melancholy Mind, helped her so much and that it was one of the most relatable books she had ever read. I will hold these words very close to me forever. Emma loved poetry, my poetry, and because of this I would like to write something in memory of such a deserving and incredible soul:

My Dearest Emma,

You are one of a kind

You fought so hard

With your body and your mind

You started a blog on the internet;

You seized every opportunity;

You inspired each and every one of us

that you reached in the blogging community.

I wish I had properly thanked you

For all of the wonderful things

You graciously said to me

before you gained your wings

You are now soaring with the angels

reunited with your best friend

but we will miss you dearly, Em.

You were a Godsend.

Rest in peace, Emma Cosgrove, 






13 thoughts on “In Loving Memory of Emma Cosgrove

  1. I am Emma’s Mum, and I can personally tell you that your books were read every night. She also told her friends to Read then, she related to your poems
    You helped her to transition to an Angel
    She fell asleep with your books on her face
    She is my baby always will be FOREVER 19❤️ I miss my best friend so deeply and cannot thank you enough for this message and post… I just know she will be overwhelmed at this … what a kind thoughtful thing to do , cheryl xx


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