Waxing your Lady Garden



Lately, I’ve been finding my own voice more on my blog and really writing about things that are close to home and personal to me and I have to admit: This is my favourite kind of writing! I’ve not been holding back and I love being open and honest with you guys! If I could share everything with you I would.

Today was bikini wax day! I haven’t had my lady garden waxed in quite a while as I went through an operation on my pelvis in January and decided to revert back to shaving; I didn’t want to irritate the area wherein I had just had an op! Now that I’m all healed and better again I thought I’d get myself back to the salon and get my lady parts sorted! I don’t know about you, ladies, but I feel so much cleaner and confident with a wax! I am in no way, shape or form bashing those who choose not to shave, wax, tweeze, use hair removal cream or whatever and just embrace their natural hair – not at all – each to their own! I ain’t judging anyone here; just sharing my own experiences and thoughts with y’all.


Moving swiftly onwards, today I went to the salon and decided to keep a little bit of hair, ‘a landing strip’, as opposed to getting rid of the whole lot (which I usally do). I have been embracing my body hair lately and didn’t want to see it all go at once! However, next month when I’m going on holiday, it’s all coming off! I mean business!

There is so many options for you to choose from when going for a wax: It’s like going to the hairdressers for your little flower! There is loads of fancy names for whichever type of wax you’re going for: The bikini wax (which is traditionally just a ‘clean up’ at the sides of where your pubic hair would poke out of your bikini, you girls know what I mean); then there’s The Playbox Wax (which is usually a ‘landing strip’ of hair that they leave on your Shereen Nanjiani – just for the aesthetics, you know?); you can also go for The Hollywood Wax and bare it all – this entails getting in to every nook and cranny and having all of the hair removed! Yep, even the ass. Yep, women have hair there too! Oh and if you’re feeling adventurous you can request a shaped wax in your lady garden! Valentines day? You could get a heart. Loved up? Get your lover’s initials (?!) I’ve heard of people getting arrows pointing downwards or little bows and stuff! I don’t know, I’ve never personally had anything like that, but it is possible to get it done!

Why is waxing seen as a painful and daunting experience? It can be so much fun! Call me crazy but I look forward to going for my wax down below. I always leave feeling like a new woman! I’m not saying I enjoy it, but it’s over quick, and it works wonders for your confidence. Plus, it saves you the hassle of shaving, cutting yourself, cursing and throwing a tantrum, bending over mirrors to make sure you haven’t missed a spot (just me?) so yeah – it isn’t all bad.

If, like me at the beginning, you are worried about getting your pussy out for a stranger – don’t be. These beauticians have seen so many different shapes, sizes and people and really don’t care what you look like – even down there! I used to worry about how hairy I was or if I’d left it too long or I’d worry that they were going to judge me but it’s honestly nothing like that at all. My beautician is the loveliest and most down to earth person you could meet and chats away to me the whole time so I don’t even think about what she’s doing to me! She always reassures me and makes me actually enjoy the experience and I leave feeling so pampered and revitalized!

I’m curious, what do you guys prefer: Waxing, shaving, hair removal cream or just going au naturel? Would you ever share your waxing experiences with people? It shouldn’t be a reserved and ignominious thing – speak out about your hair removal experiences (or lack of them)! It’s all perfectly natural!

Until next time!

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17 thoughts on “Waxing your Lady Garden

  1. I’d be far too nervous to go and get it done – I’m SUCH a wimp when it comes to pain! (Like, I felt sick and shaky before I had a filling at the dentist because I was terrified it would hurt. That’s after I’ve had teeth out and braces… weird!) I think if I was to go on holiday and I know I’ll be in a swimming costume or whatever, I’d consider it. I just wish I wasn’t such a wimp!


    1. I loved reading this! I tend to wax everything off 😂 But just because I don’t like it, I don’t really think it’s painful at all apart from when your clothes stick to the wax after 😂 X


  2. Thank you so much for being so open and honest about this, Charlene! I have a huge amount of respect for you for discussing the topic! I have never had a professional wax and now that I’ve read about your experience, I’m actually really keen to go and try it out for myself! It might be a nice treat for before I go off on holiday to Portugal! How long do you find that your wax lasts? Are you smoother for longer after waxing than shaving? This post has given me a bit more confidence about going – love that you described it as like going to the hairdressers but for down below haha!

    Abbey 🌸 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk


  3. I honestly have never considered this before, I think I’d be too nervous! I like the idea of it being done professionally but I’m a bag of nerves just going to the doctors to get my blood pressure taken let alone this! Maybe something to work up to!


  4. I’m glad you wrote this! I’ve always wondered about having a wax, but I have this internal fear that the beautician would laugh at me or something. I mean, I know they probably won’t, but I still get scared! I shave at the moment, but waxing is definitely something I’m going to look into!
    Hayley X


  5. I’ve always wanted to have this done but my body confidence is so low I’d be so nervous! It sounds like it could be really beneficial however so I may have to pluck up the courage to get it done! Xx



  6. I’ve never actually experienced waxing before! Not sure if I would be able to handle it lol. I prefer to shave every couple of days. I do get irritated here and there but it’s all about finding the right razor!


  7. Thanks for sharing Charlene! I definetely agree that waxing can be a great experience I’ve had it done once for a holiday and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but normally I prefer to shave x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿www.kayleighzaraa.com


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