Am I even a blogger?


Am I even a blogger?

This post has been brewing for quite some time now; I keep asking myself if I am actually worthy of the title ‘blogger’. I scroll down my social media feed day in and day out and see a plethora of individuals knocking the ball right out of the park and absolutely smashing it and I sit at the other end of my screen wishing that was me.

Wishing I could up my photography game. Wishing I had a schedule and regularly stuck to it. Wishing I could religiously schedule tweets and posts without just going through phases. Wishing my content was original, unique, exciting, more ‘bloggery’. My blog is like an online journal – I don’t have a niche – I don’t write about anything in particular. One day, I’ll be writing a book review (or attempting to) and the next day I’m talking about getting my lady region waxed. One day I’m writing about my life and what I’ve been up to and the next I’m talking about my non-existent life and what I’m not up to. I don’t know. I sometimes just wish I had a niche. I write about my mind and my battle with Depression and Anxiety sometimes. Does that make me a Mental Health blogger? I write about going to the gym from time to time. Does that make me a fitness blogger? What am I and where do I fit in?

I feel like I don’t fit in anywhere. It sucks. It’s disheartening. I’m constantly seeing bloggers excelling and being nominated for awards front, left and centre and don’t get me wrong, I revel in the success of others, and I’m genuinely happy to see my fellow blogger buddies getting the recognition they deserve but I just feel like a spare part.

Why am I not getting any recognition? Why do I never seem to progress or go anywhere? When will I fit in? When will I grow? Am I just overthinking?

My mind is buzzing with so many ideas; I just never see them through. I let myself down. And then I bring myself down. It’s a vicious circle and when will I ever escape it?

I love the blogging community. I don’t actually know where I’d be without it now that I’m a part of it. I just wish I was a more pivotal part of it.

9 thoughts on “Am I even a blogger?

  1. Awww Charlene, it makes me so sad to see you feeling this way! You definitely are a blogger – just because you do things a little differently doesn’t mean you’re wrong! I too write about the randomest mix of things, I don’t really fit into a niche and while this did worry me for a start, now I just embrace it! You do all the important things right – you talk about things you’re passionate about, you’re an active and chatty member of the community, your blog is always full of new and interesting content, I would be so proud to have your blog, and I think you should be too! Don’t compare yourself to others because there’s only one Charlene McElhinney in this world and she is FANTASTIC – you stand out for all the right reasons so don’t feel downhearted!

    Abbey ❤️ http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk


  2. I feel this 100%. As I don’t really have a niche, I don’t feel like I could ever be voted for an award. It’s so disheartening when you’re working so hard on your blog, but no one seems to notice. But trust me, I love your blog and how it’s so varied in content, it’s just like real life! Hang in there girl X
    Hayley x


  3. You are you babe and that’s all that matters.. Don’t worry about not fitting in babe your blog is amazing so please don’t be disheartened Charlene. As for your Instagram it reflects you & your life so don’t ever feel like your photography isn’t as good as someone else’s!
    I love you & your blog Charlene so pls don’t ever give up.
    Love you
    Sarah xxxxx


  4. My blog is totally the same but I think it just reflects the uniqueness and variety of YOU! You’re not just about fitness, you’re not just about mental health, you blog about all parts of you – and that’s natural and amazing. It’s ok if your blog can’t be categorized because sometimes categorization is just reductionist & might get boring if you stick to one thing constanly. As a reader, and a blogger, I am interested in all different aspects of someones life, ideas and motivations because it reflects the whole person behind the blog. As for schedules: if you can stick to one great! For me, the rest of my life is scheduled to a T so its nice to have my blog as a free, sometimes sporadic and messy outlet. A relief.

    Just be you – no one can ask for or want anything more 🙂


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