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If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that I recently celebrated my 21st birthday, and threw a party (somewhat last minute) and kind of just winged it as I went along. Here are some of my tips & advice for organising your own party – that I learned through my own nutty experience.



At the beginning, I was stressing out an awful lot, wondering how on earth I was going to manage to throw a party all on my own. Sometimes you just need to reach out for help (a problem shared is a problem halved and all that jazz). Wether that be financial help or just a helping hand to organise the buffet, or the decorations etc. I gurantee there will be someone in your family who is more than willing to help you out.

Financially, one of the greatest helps you could ask for when hosting your own party, is asking close family members (who would usually give you money) to perhaps cover your disco, or part of your buffet, or the decorations, or something like that – just to take a bit of the financial burden away from you. I promise you’ll get lots of pressies from the people attending your party and you’ll enjoy it a lot more if you don’t need to fork out an arm and a leg for your own party in the first place. In my case, mum and dad covered the disco for me, my auntie helped out with the decorations and balloons (helium can be pretty expensive, y’know) and all of these things helped me out tremendously. I also got lots of help from my Auntie Angela to do lots of running around for me, and keeping me right with what I needed, and talking me through everything… I couldn’t have done it without her in the end! Thanks auntie Ang!


Lists, lists, lists! Lists make the world go round. I’m a huge fan of writing lists, regularly, but in this scenario – they were 110% necessary. It’s important to keep a list of names who you think might be attending, who you’ve invited, who is bringing a plus one and all of that palava! You don’t want to go over and you don’t want to go under; plus you’re trying to get an idea of numbers of how many people you’re catering for and seating and everything! It’s important to keep lists in that respect. Additionally, you want to keep a list of things you’ve still to do: Invitations, buffet, get an outfit, book a DJ, find a venue etc. There is a shit-ton to do guys and if you don’t keep a list you could very easily forget something important because your mind is constantly in overdrive! It’s the little things that we often forget: Keep a list, lovelies!


This one is important: Please don’t feel pressured into inviting people to your own party that you don’t even want there. I got such a hard time beforehand when I was organising my party because I wasn’t inviting this one but I was inviting that one… and it got the point where I questioned why I was even having a party in the first place? It’s your day. It’s your night. It’s completely and entirely up to you who is there. I actually got blocked and deleted off social media from people who weren’t invited, who weren’t even close to me, and that just shows how petty and ridiculous some people can be. It made me exceptionally anxious and worked-up at the time but now I’m totally over it. And I want to stress to you guys how insignificant these people are to you on such a pivotal day in your life. It’s all about you. You, you, you. Invite whoever you wish. You. Did I mention it’s all about you?


Take note of this one, Ladies & Gents: Book everything in advance! I never actually got the night I wanted in the hall I wanted because I didn’t book in advance – so lesson learned(!) You guys don’t want to learn from your own mistakes, learn from mine, and if you’re planning a party – call up early days and get that hall booked! Get that DJ booked! Get that leg, back and crack wax booked while you’re at it…nah I’m just kidding guys; I’m sure you’ll get your wax a week or two before! But everything else, I can’t repeat myself enough: get all of that important stuff booked months and months in advance to secure your special day with your first choice for everything! Don’t feel silly booking up half a year or more in advance – it’s your special day and you have every right to reassure yourself by booking up early.


This isn’t so much a ‘tip’, it’s more advice because it’s something that we don’t often think about. We buy our outfits for big events, usually, in advance. We try them on, it’s all good, everything is coosty and we hang up out of the way and just assume it’s going to look the same on the night. Let me tell you, I had bought an outift, tried it on and was happy with it so I hung it up out of the way. The night before my party I decided to just quickly try it on and see how it looked and… I had lost a bit of weight and the dress didn’t look the same on me! It didn’t sit right, it didn’t look right, I had a meltdown. I was running around like a headless chicken and ended up getting my Auntie Angela (thanks again Auntie Ang) and my boyfriend to alter and fix it for me the night before. I was a total stress-head. So make sure you try your outfits on every week or so to make sure you are still happy with them on! Sounds a bit extreme but I promise if you were in my shoes (or dress, rather) that night you would totally understand.

God, I’ve got so much advice for hosting a party now that I’ve actually been there, done it and worn the T-shirt but I feel like this post is long enough. Do you want a part 2 guys?

Thanks for reading and I hope this post has helped a little somebody out there who is just as stressed as I was last month!

Until next time

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  1. September 25, 2017 / 8:30 am

    So glad you had a lovely party in the end charlene! I agree with the only inviting the people you really want there tip. This is currently something that we are experiencing for our wedding and it can be highly annoying when you’re trying to be pressured into inviting people that you don’t want there, not a nice situation to be in!
    Hayley x

  2. September 27, 2017 / 8:52 am

    You looked like you had an absolutely fantastic time at your party, Charlene! You looked simply stunning in your dress, with that gorgeous jewellery from Cherry Soda as well! I can’t believe people were so petty as to delete you from social media just because you didn’t invite them to your party – how pathetic! You’re better off without those people in your life, if you ask me! I’m so glad that you stuck to your guns and enjoyed your special night!

    Abbey 💓

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