September Favourites

It’s been a long time since I wrote a ‘favourites’ post on my blog so this will be fun; let’s not beat around the bush and just jump straight in!

First and foremost: My Cineworld Unlimited card. The unlimited card costs £17.90 month and this allows you to go and see as many films as you desire, as many times as you want, good right? Especially if you are a cinemagoer (which I am). It usually costs me nearly £10 to go and see a picture – and that’s with a student discount – so if I go and see at least 2 films a month then I’ve got my monies worth.  I got my unlimited card just over 2 weeks ago and I’ve been to the cinema 6 times (and I’m going again tomorrow) so I’m definitely getting the use out of it. The cinema is a marvellous escapism. I like to go after university or after a hectic day just to wind down for a couple of hours. 


This one sounds a little bit mad but University is next on my September favourite list. University has opened up a whole new world to me and I’m still trying to take it all in; I can’t quite believe I’m studying at the University of Strathclyde – after the horrendous few years I’ve had. It just feels surreal. I’m working hard and I’m appreciating every moment of it. Check out my wee student card(!)

Whilst we are on the topic of University: Another favourite of mine this month has been my Student Planner. This particular planner is ‘The Palgrave Student Planner’ by Stella Cottrell and it’s such a handy piece of stationery to have. I believe it’s available in the likes of Waterstones etc. but I got mine from the John Smith book store for £7 (and I got a free wall calendar, yay!). It has lots of quirky and educational pages and also has lots of spacious useful pages as well as organisational. It’s 110% worth a buy. It’s been keeping me right over the past few weeks. I take it with me to Uni every time.

My next favourite is so me: My cat mug.* Anyone who knows me will know how much of a proud cat momma I am and so I’m delighted with this mug. Not only is it the perfect amount of crazy cat lady but it’s also a really great size of mug and perfect for hot chocolate weather…which is right about now?! It also has a classy gold handle so I feel like a total classy cat momma drinking out of this! You can get this mug here and get 20% off using code CHARLENE20 at checkout. Dog lovers, do not worry, there’s a dog momma one for you too! 

Boohoo – a new favourite of mine. I’ve never really ordered from boohoo before because I’ve had a bit of a love/hate relationship with the sizing whenever someone has bought me a gift from them. However, I thought I’d try them out as my UniDays app kept offering me a 25% student discount on their store and that was enough to sway me. So I bought a few things. Irrevocably some of the stuff didn’t fit but the returns were hassle free and didn’t cost me anything so it wasn’t any bother. The gorgeous black corset tee in the picture above was from Boohoo and I wore it on a night out; It was so comfortable and flattering. It can be dressed up or down and I loved it so much that I’ve went and ordered it in white too… (I blame the student discount)!

You guys know how much I adore my baths so let’s finish on a bath product: A bambi bath soak!* Yes, that’s right, I said Bambi! Mad Beauty are renowned for selling top quality Disney luxuries in super cute packaging: I recently featured a minnie mouse face mask on my blog from them which was totally lush! These bath soaks are a great addition to a relaxing bath. You get tons in the box and a little goes a long way. Additionally, I love the idea of them being Bambi, these will make for an excellent stocking filler towards Christmas, if you want to pick them up for someone (or yourself) you can get them here. Isn’t the packaging just adorable?

September has been a busy month, lovelies. I was on holiday, I returned and started University right away, I’ve had to catch up with everything that I fell behind on whilst being on holiday, I’ve had to make time for family and friends (which I still haven’t been doing very well on) and I’ve been trying to organise my room, my belongings and myself, really. It’s been a stressful, busy but productive month and I look forward to what the next month brings. What’s been your favourites this month? Did you see anything you liked in this post?

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  1. September 29, 2017 / 9:58 am

    I have this study planner, it’s super. Got helpful information and I love how I can jot down everything day to day. Mine was the same price with next day delivery on amazon if anyone wants it quickly 🙂 x

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