Animal Crossing pocket camp (initial thoughts) – Blogmas Day 2

Animal Crossing pocket camp. It really happened. It’s an official thing. Every single Nintendo DS owner in the world put their life on hold upon it’s release a few weeks ago and the whole world stopped (well, in real life, the animal crossing virtual world just got started).

Firstly, let me just say, it’s addictive. But of course if you ever played animal crossing on your Nintendo DS then you’ll know how addictive it is. I mean, it’s not the same, but it’s a great adaption. There are certain things I’d love to suggest for the creators to change or introduce to the app. Things that made animal crossing what it was. These shouldn’t be dismissed. I’m strongly contemplating starting a petition to bring these elements to the mobile version…

I loved the post office. Who didn’t? You could go, send letters to your animal buddies or friends that were visiting, you could save up your bells, you could change the theme tune of your town, rename your town, you could donate to the unfortunate and pay off your loans, you could scavenge through the recycling bin. It was great. Oh, and then there was the billboard! I checked it religiously, left notes to my town members, left notes on other town’s billboards when I connected with friends. Petition to bring back the billboard, anyone? Then, the note in the bottles landing on your beach, usually from an anonymous source or now and again from someone you had connected with. How cool was that? Shaking trees and getting furniture, going to the museum to see DJ K.K. or watching the stars in the sky through a microscope, donating your caught fish & beasties to the museum, digging potholes… I could go on. We all know how fabulous a game animal crossing was for the Nintendo DS and that is why they have brought it to our phones in this day and age. 

Of course they have had to make it accessible to phone users; unlike the DS, we don’t have buttons or a stylus to control the game. We have our fingers and a touch screen phone. I think they have fruitfully utilised the whole ‘tap to catch’ for the fishing and the bug catching and this works well. I think they have successfully created a little device for your character to check their mail, friends, items etc. all in one – in this day and age everything is accessible so this works well (although I do miss the little mailbox outside my house that flashed when you had mail).

Overall, I think they have done a pretty good job. I’m thoroughly enjoying playing it and I know from my social media timeline that it’s been quite a hit! Kudos to the creators! (Pardon the pun). 

Have you been playing the pocket camp version? Did you used to play the DS version? What are your thoughts? Feel free to add me and visit my town.

Until tomorrow

Charlene McElhinney






Snapchat: TheMcElhiester

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4 thoughts on “Animal Crossing pocket camp (initial thoughts) – Blogmas Day 2

  1. My DS only seemed to ever be used for either Pokemon or Nintendogs so to be honest I missed the fuss of Animal Crossing… but now I’m really tempted to download the app and give it a try!

    Loving your Blogmas posts so far!


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