Why I abandoned pods – Blogmas day 3

As bloggers, we have all been a part of an Instagram pod, Twitter pod or some sort of pod at one point or another, to increase engagement with our content. 

‘Pods’ are designed to rally together a group of like-minded individuals that are eager to receive more comments and engagement on their content whilst returning the favour and doing the same for the others in the pod. It’s a mutual agreement. It’s a positive thing. However, it can become so overwhelming, that’s why I abandoned them.

There was a point where I was offering myself up to the pods front, left and centre. I’d see people tweeting ‘who wants to join a pod? I’ve got a few spaces left‘ and I was in there like a cat on heat. Seriously. Everyone who was anyone wanted in. Instagram pods, Twitter pods, blog pods – sign me up baby!

Until…you miss a day. Then you miss another. 10 pods all flooded with blog posts and inundated with acknowledgment from people who had fulfilled their part of the deal and you are so lost as to where you last left off.  What was the last post you commented on? Do you just pick up from here? No, I can’t share my content surely until I’ve caught up? You become overwhelmed. It’s anxiety-triggering. You think everyone is on your case. You want to just leave but you don’t want everyone turning against you. 

Oh, and then there are the little sneaky sausages. The ones who are part of the pod, willingly share their content like there’s no tomorrow, but never acknowledge or engage with yours. What’s that all about? If you are genuinely overwhelmed, like me, finding it all a bit much and you can’t really keep up anymore – just leave. You can always join a pod again in the future. Don’t put yourself through that. Don’t be unfair to others. 

I did enjoy being a part of pods for a good while but life gets in the way. It’s too much commitment; there are good comment threads on twitter that run like twitter chats weekly and are just as productive (if not better) than pods. Additionally, if you join Facebook groups that do daily threads you can get involved in them from time to time. No commitment. No pressure. It’s all on your terms. 

And that’s why I abandoned pods. I’d maybe join them again in the future but at the moment there is no way I could keep up.

Have you ever been in a pod? What do you think of them? Could you relate to this post?

Until tomorrow,

Charlene McElhinney






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  1. envyfisher
    December 3, 2017 / 1:14 pm

    I’ve been in a few pods, but sadly not with like minded people. I have nothing against beauty bloggers, but once I’m supposed to comment on the 5th beauty post in one day I don’t know what to say anymore simply because I know nothing about makeup and skincare… That made me feel so bad, so I just stuck to liking pictures at some point. Like you said, it can be overwhelming and I can’t really live with the guilt once I’ve missed too many posts…

    x Envy

  2. December 3, 2017 / 2:43 pm

    I can totally relate to this, I’ve only ever joined one instagram pod and it was going well until I wasn’t posting what was expected of me just to get a like, so I left. But I’m currently in a very small one on Twitter and it is so relaxed and I love the ladies in it. I see it as a way of being reminded of their posts that I know I’m going to love to read, if that makes sense. Comment threads though give me insane anxiety, I hate them but sometimes you have to do what you have to do, to get your content out there.

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