Case App – Blogmas Day 7

I’m so thrilled to be collaborating with Case App again this year as I worked with them last year and I was so pleased with the quality of my goods and the service from the company. You can check out last year’s post hereif you wish and have a look at the phone case I created (for my iPhone 6 at the time).


Case App specialize in customizable phone cases, laptop skins & designs for other technical devices. They make the process super easy for you and walk you through it, helping you create the phone case you envisage in your head, and bring it in to your hands. They also have a variety of designs for you to choose from and work with if you’re totally blank and don’t know what to create – you can choose from a plethora of patterns or images and just personalise the writing. It’s entirely up to you. That’s what I love about CaseApp.

This time round I decided to create a phone case resembling the cover of my very first published book. How amazing does it look? It was really easy to create and looks just like a smaller version of the front of my book so I’m dead pleased with it. People always notice folk’s phone cases, just like they always notice what shoes your wearing, so i definitely have a good story to tell on a night out when someone asks me what’s on my phone cover!  Shameless self-promotion…but hey you’ve got to when you’re self-published? 

Next up, I got to design my own skin cover for my laptop, which was a lovely treat. I’ve recently got a mac-book for university and I’ve been thinking about getting some stickers or something to jazz it up a bit and add a bit of personality to it so when I was told I could personalize my own skin? My inner-crazy-cat-lady did a little jig. I decided to go for an image of a rosetted bengal cat, just like my own, well maybe not as beautiful as my own (I can’t help but become bias when it comes to my fur babies, you pet owners understand right)? 


I absolutely love it! I can’t wait for the xmas holidays to finish so I can take it in to university with me. I’m always banging on about my cats and shoving pictures of my fur babies in people’s faces so at least this is a little more discreet. Isn’t it just lovely though? It’s the perfect idea for a gift for someone who dotes on their animals. Get a photo of their beloved pet, customize a laptop skin or phone case with the photo, and boom there’s your dinner. 

I’ll even throw in a discount code for y’all to help you out. If you pop the code: CHARLENE20 in at checkout then you’ll receive 20% off your order. Happy shopping!

If you’re interested in picking up a copy of my book following the images above then click here and get a copy today.

Until tomorrow,

Charlene McElhinney

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  1. December 7, 2017 / 12:49 pm

    There is nothing shameful in self-promotion when you’re self-published, it has to be done! I love you laptop cover it is adorable I do love cats and that case is gorgeous! I’m loving your posts right now, I’m hoping to get a new phone for Christmas so I’ll definitely be looking on this site! xx

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