What I got for Christmas (2017)


I’ve seen a lot of ‘What I got for Christmas’ posts floating around and I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and write one too. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank my blogger friends who sent me out gifts: Zoe Jackson, Abbey Ellis, Sarah Dickinson, Kat Wilson, Helen and Holly. 


One of my favourite gifts was a drawing of my beautiful fur baby, Milo, by the lovely Zoe Jackson. You should 100% check out her new etsy store and commission her for something like this in the future because this is otherworldly. When I opened this present I nearly burst in to tears. I couldn’t believe it – the raw talent from Zoe is exceptional and you should definitely go and visit her etsy store. Thank you so much chick! 

My other blogger friends spoiled me so much too, Sarah sent me out a huge box of goodies containing a glitter eyes highlight palette (which i’ve wanted for AGES) and Urban Decay eyeshadows, sweeties, blogger prints & bumble bee related things. Amazing! I was so overwhelmed at her generosity! My other friends all sent me out cat related things, and stationery bits and bobs, and all of the things I love. So thank you, thank you, thank you.


I think what I’ll do now is just write up a list format of what I got for Christmas overall for you all to shimmy through and I’ll upload a few photos zoomed in a little so you can browse through my bundle of goodies. I just want to say, by the way, I am by no means bragging or trying to shove what I got in people’s faces. I like the idea of sharing what I got with you all, I’m extremely grateful for everything, and it’ll be good to look back next year and see what I got. So, without further ado…

  • I received a very generous amount of money from my boyfriend and my parents. They find it difficult to know what to get me so they tend to give me money – and they know how much I love saving!
  • x2 pairs of nike running trainers – purple & grey
  • Victoria Secrets body sprays & shower gels
  • Armani Diamonds (new edition) perfume
  • Estee lauder original perfume
  •  Estee Lauder huge haul of make up with beautiful red brief case
  • No7 make up brush set & eyeshadows
  • Glitter Eyes highlight (unicorn) palette
  • x3 books
  • bath bits and bobs – various brands.
  • Queen bee money saving tin
  • River Island handbag
  • St Tropez tanning kit
  • Lots of chocolate!
  • Blogger prints & badges
  • Heeled black boots
  • Notebooks, stickers & lots of stationery
  • Cosy socks
  • A letter storage thingy-ma-bobber (I love it SO much)

& so much more! 

I was well & truly spoiled this year and I am super appreciative of everything I received and every Christmas card that came through my door this year too. I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas day and got some nice things too. Let me know what your favourite items I received were in the comments below! 


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  1. December 28, 2017 / 7:31 pm

    Lovely gifts – Merry Christmas☺️ I love that ‘Eat, Sleep, Blog Repeat’ notebook, it’s super cute💞 You’ve just gained a new follower – hopefully you can follow me back🌱
    ~Raff xx

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