Goals for 2018

Hey darlings, it’s the end of an era, 2017 is being left behind & 2018 is upon us. I thought I’d take this opportunity to write a blog post sharing some of my 2018 goals with you. I’ve already written myself a letter rhyming off my goals (which I shall open this time next year to see if I’ve achieved) but I thought it’d be handy to write up this post so that I can try and stay on track and reflect on my goals regularly.

Of course some of my goals will be personal, so I won’t share them all with you, but here’s some of them anyway; I’m just going to do this post in the same layout as my previous two. When you’re doing a post like this I find it most accessible in list form…

  • Start a dance class, or attend some sort of dancing group, and reignite my love of dancing again that I had when I was a wee girl.
  • Read at least 25 books.
  • Add another £1,500 to my savings.
  • Sell at least another 50 copies of my book.
  • Start working on my second book(!)
  • Forget about diet culture and pressure to lose weight – instead focus on learning and embracing body positivity and body acceptance.
  • Hit 8k Twitter followers.
  • Hit 3k Instagram followers.
  • Hit 1k YouTube subscribers.
  • Start doing singing videos again on social media, perhaps do a gig or attend an open mic night.
  • Complete at least one sponsored post a month.
  • Wear clothes that I wouldn’t normally wear and embrace a new style; perhaps feature some more fashion-like posts on my blog.
  • Go on at least 4 trips away – breaks/holidays/getaways etc.
  • Blog regularly. At least once a week. Or once every 2 weeks.
  • Make more time for self-care!!

Ok these are just a handful… a large handful, I’ll give you that, but I don’t want to overwhelm myself (or you guys, for that matter). I have more goals I want to stick out in 2018 but I won’t share them all with you. Some are best kept to myself – just incase I don’t see them through hehe, I’m kidding! Happy new year when it comes sweethearts! Thank you for all of the love & support in 2017 ❤







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2 thoughts on “Goals for 2018

  1. Hey charlene, something is wrong with my twitter so I cant tweet you but just wanted to let you know im a big fan of the blog and your beechats and just bought your book. cant wait to read it. whenever my twitter starts acting right i’ll let you know how i like it! im @asksienna on twitter.


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