February Advertisers

Hey lovelies, 

It’s an absolute honour to introduce you to this month’s advertisers on the blog. I can’t wait to promote their content throughout the month of February across all of my social media platforms. Make sure you check them out and leave them some love! Without further ado… here are my February Advertisers!



Pretty Parade is an independent online fashion store created by the fabulous Mollie, who is just 20 years old. She created Pretty Parade after leaving sixth form completing her A-levels to go travelling; on her travels she discovered her own independence and her profound love for fashion and she began thinking like a business woman. Pretty Parade was born and she recruited a team and she is now living the dream! Mollie is so inspirational and has definitely set herself up for the future. You guys totally need to check out the online store & treat yourself to some lovely bits and bobs. Shopping ‘small’ is so important and it would be wonderful for you to help Pretty Parade blossom even more! 

Pretty Parade also have their own BLOG which tells you Mollie’s story in full and also frequently gives you fashion tips and advice etc. It’s worth following! Click HERE to check out Mollie’s online store and please make sure you show your support!




You guys must be familiar with the lovely Holly by now? She has advertised with me on several occasions and I could not speak highly enough of the work that she does, the support that she provides and the friendship that we share. Holly blogs about a bit of everything, and is predominantly a lifestyle blogger, dwindling in a bit fashion, travel and other things. Additionally, she runs her own theatre blog, which I am about to introduce you to…

Make sure you check out Holly’s blog HERE and leave her some love on her latest post.




I am SO excited to introduce you all to Box Office Bloggers (created and run by the fabulous Holly). Sharing her love of theatre, Holly travels around quite a bit, featuring all different kinds of theatre productions on her platform with you all. She works closely with cast members and has interview features on the box office blog – she even gets to take behind the scenes videos of rehearsals and photos; how amazing is that? I’m so proud of the opportunities Holly has experienced through her Box Office Blog. Her latest succession has been her collaboration with the ‘Go Eugenius’ musical production that she has poured her heart and soul in to over the past few weeks. So please check her latest post all about the audience’s reaction and ratings of this magnificent show HERE and leave her all of the love in the world. 




It’s an absolute honour to introduce you guys to Tarnya, who blogs at Sweet Allure. She is one of the most down-to-earth bloggers and small business owners that I have stumbled upon in the blogging community; her talent is unreal and you should 100% check out her Etsy store. I can’t stress how important and wonderful it is to support a small business(!) As well as being an artist and business owner, Tarnya also runs her own blog where she uses it as a platform to share her life online – and her passion for writing. She’s a truly wonderful soul and you would be crazy not to go and connect with her. Show the girl some love and go and see for yourself why I’m banging on about her so much! 





Lastly, I’d love to introduce you all to the marvellous Alicia Wright who blogs at ‘A Lifestyle Blog‘. It’s such a pleasure to tell you all about this girl as she inspires me endlessly. Like myself, she self-published her own poetry collection (which you can buy HERE); I know firsthand how much work goes in to this journey so please support Alicia’s debut poetry collection ‘I Danced with Sorrow’ and leave her a lovely (5 star) review! Not only does Alicia have a talent for creative writing, she also shares her love of personal writing and revels in sharing advice on her blog, personal growth, self-help tips and wellness and generally anything lifestyle related. Oh, and her photography is sublime. It’s definitely worth your time stopping by her blog and having a snoop; she’s amazing.


And sadly we have come to the end of my February advertisers post; but please be sure to drop by some of their platforms and share the love. It’s always nice to support one another. And remember, if you’re interested in advertising with me in March then book your slot today via email, DM or whatever platform you may have me on. You can find more details HERE

Charlene McElhinney 


*This is an advertisement post*.


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