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Firstly, introduce yourself to us and tell us a little bit about the idea behind box office bloggers, and why you decided to start it 3 years ago? Hi everyone. I’m Holly, if you know me online my username is ‘Holly_b83’ or I’m also over on the box office blog.

Box Office Bloggers came from my general love of theatre and progressed from there. It’s been one adventure after another with going to see shows over the years and that’s where the blog stemmed from.

Do you run the blog by yourself, is there a team of you, and is there opportunity for other people to submit theatre reviews to your blog to be published?

 I do a lot of it myself but have help with a good friend who is up in Liverpool who covers some of the shows there and also in Manchester. I do like to travel to the shows when I can.

I’m starting to look more now at guest reviews and hopefully more of those will follow this year.

What’s been your greatest opportunity through box office bloggers?

Oh this is a hard one, most recently all the things I did with Eugenius. Seeing a show go from rehearsals to an incredible run on stage was great fun. The soundtrack is still stuck in my head.

One of my all time favourites was getting to do a meet and greet with the puppets from Avenue Q. My picture with the Bad Idea Bears is one of my all time favourite theatre memories.

Can you share with us some little nuggets of what is to come on box office bloggers?

I have a list of tours that now is getting longer by the month which I’m looking at booking up, If you are a fan of Take That there’s some special themed blogs coming later in the year to do with The Band Musical.

Running 2 blogs, your personal blog and your theatre blog, must be pretty hectic – do you like that you keep them separate? Do you ever feature theatre related things on your own blog?

My personal one followed a year after the start of Box Office Bloggers. I loved Box Office Bloggers but there was a gap between shows that I realised I wanted to keep writing and that is where my own blog came from.

It can get very busy with both of them, they’ve both done incredibly well, I can’t describe how proud I am of both them.

A few of the blogs have crossed over in the past year with Footloose and Flashdance. Footloose has been a big part of my life being my favourite film and show so it’s always good when they cross over.

If you could describe box office bloggers in 3 words (not ‘box office bloggers’ ha!) what words would you choose?

 Rewarding, fun and entertaining

What would be the greatest opportunity for box office bloggers? What would be a dream come true for you and the blog?

 I would love for more West End Shows to follow us and have a chance to work with them, I’m so proud in the following that has grown with the blog; my goal this year is to finally help it reach 1k on twitter it’s been steadily growing and is nearly there.

I was really lucky to do a backstage tour of the Theatre Royal Drury Lane (that was incredible). Its one of my favourite theatres but one of my all time theatre dreams is to actually see the view from the stage itself and have a picture on there as well!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Holly for featuring on my blog and answering some Qs for me. It’s been a pleasure celebrating box office bloggers’ 3-year-anniversary with her – and with all of you guys. You should all go and send some birthday wishes and show some moral support to a fabulous theatre blog that has been running for 3 years now! Do you like trips to the theatre? Have your heard of Holly before? Would you be interested in guest posting on Box Office Bloggers? Let me know in the comments below. 

You can find Holly on twitter and check out her personal blog here.  Don’t be afraid to say hello! Until next time, my lovelies,

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