[4 available]
[4 available]
3 available
As of 1st of September, 2016, I shall be offering advertisement on my blog. The following bundles are available:
– Caterpillar bundle
– Butterfly bundle
– Bee bundle
All bundles are a first come first serve basis; you are able to book a slot in advance if you so wish. All payments should be made via PAYPAL.
You can contact me via email: or on any of my social media platforms (which can be found on my ‘home’ page on my blog).
I always pour my heart and soul in to everything I do and I am looking forward to featuring & working with some lovely individuals on my corner of the internet. If you have any queries – at all – please contact me; I’d be happy to chat with you!
Part of my advertising bundles can only be fulfilled if you work with me. (For example: RT’ing so many blog posts every month: You must ensure that you are providing me with content for me to RT for you).